How to check NRC Assam Hearing Online @

Hello Guys... Everyone is looking for NRC Results Assam latest news about the NRC Complete draft but now NRC Assam has announced on NRC Hearing Status.

People were rushing to the news from NRC Hearing Status that will help to know their Presence of Citizens of India. You can easily go to the website called to check your NRC application form Status. And you can easily check your application status with or without an NRC special verification.
NRC Hearing Check Status
NRC Hearing Check Status
So let's discuss the new NRC Hearing Status checking website called

What is NRC hearing Status Assam?

NRC Hearing Status form is a place to Check NRC Status that is still pending for Verification.
All you have to need is the ARN number that belongs to you. If you already have it in your hand than go for further process.

The is a website where you can check your application status through ARN (Application Receipt Number), also you can check your hearing or verification status on your application form. Also Check NRC Results now.

Why is NRC hearing Assam important for us?

This facility for 21 digits ARN based search will enable you to know whether your ARN is to be verified for family tree hearing or Gaon panchayat/Lot Mandal/circle officer certificate hearing.

The names will be shown against the ARN for the members that require being verified for either family tree hearing or Gaon panchayat/Lot Mandal/circle officer certificate hearing.

The Date, Time and Venue facility are also available regarding the Hearing Status.

If your ARN is not under a family tree or Gaon panchayat/Lot Mandal/circle officer certificate hearing, it will read as "NOT APPLICABLE FOR YOUR ARN". And

If the date of hearing for your ARN is yet to be decided, it will read as "TO BE SCHEDULED"

NRC Draft Results will be coming soon, so stay connect with us.

How to check verification or NRC hearing status from

The NRC draft Hearing can be checked with the official link provided by Government.

To check your hearing details Status verification, follow the steps below:-
  • First of all, you have to log in to official website
  • After you reach the page, you will see 2 boxes.
  • Now, Enter your ARN and captcha in their right place.
  • Click on Submit, you will able to see your NRC Hearing Status.
That's it my friends...

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In Conclusion, Check your NRC Hearing Results on the above mention site.

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    1. Please provide your email address so that I can give you the results

  3. Dear Mrp.Hajela i would like toinform youthatmy name not entered at NRC due to mywrong enrollment at 2015.Father name not entered only self.already i rectify in 2018 but till today i have not received any ARN no.2054.Distric meas early as possible.

  4. NRC Hearing details kaise nikalte hai ?

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