NRC Assam Special Verification Process/NSK based verification by the deputy commissioner

Hello everyone, today we have a new topic about NRC Assam that is NRC Assam Special Verification Process/NSK based verification by the deputy commissioner for further enquiry and re-verification of documents.

An NRC Assam special verification for Gaon Panchayat Secretary/Lot Mandal/Circle Officer certificate is going on across the state.

NRC Assam Special form is under process, for more information read carefully.

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So let's discuss about NRC Assam Special verification process.

NRC Assam Special verification Process FAQ:

  • The date, time and venue of the NRC hearing based verification is mentioned in the notice issued to the certificate holder. NRC field level functionaries delivered notice house to house.
  • The certificate holder requires carrying either the original certificate or its photocopy to the NRC hearing.
  • The certificate holder may also produce additional proof of linkage during the hearing. For this purpose, she may bring with her either the legacy person or descendant of that legacy person to the hearing for further substantiating her linkage claim.
  • The Candidate should bring one photo Identity proof who are participating in the NRC Assam hearing.
  • In order to show evidence, the issuing authority of the certificate will also be present at the hearing. They said that people outside their members and other third-party members are not allowed to participate in the hearing.
  • The Officer can contact NSK in case of any duplicate certificate given or it is not same as the notice.

FAQ About NSK based NRC Assam Special verification by the deputy commissioner:

For your information:
  1. To ensure inclusion of genuine Indian citizen, a certain application may require further enquiry and re-verification by District Magistrates (Deputy Commissioner).
  2. In such cases, the applicants will get an opportunity to appear before a verifying officer at the NSK as appointed by the District Magistrate.
  3. Applicants will get an adequate opportunity during the appearance to clear any doubt or provide clarification.
  4. Also, NRC Assam Special Re-verification starts from 4th May 2018.
  5. A letter contain all details should be delivered to the applicant to the address mentioned in the letter and the letter will give a description of the documents or particulars which needs to verify.

Your Cooperations count:

  1. Applicants to appear before the verification officer at the respective NSK at the appointed date and time.
  2. Applicants can bring with them all evidence/ proof they wish to adduce in support of their application to include in NRC Assam Special Draft Verification.
  3. To provide linkage, applicants may also bring the legacy person or other descendants of the legacy person for recording their statements.
  4. For the purpose of re-verification, the applicant may have to show the original document.
  5. The verification officer will not take any original document into custody.
  6. Wholehearted cooperation of public is essential to ensure inclusion of all genuine Indian applicants and exclusion of all ineligible persons of NRC Assam Special program.
  7. Applicants can also get to know the date, time and venue of their appearance by visiting
NRC Assam Draft will include only those people who are Genuine Indian Citizen as per date 24th March 1971(midnight).

Also, You can check NRC Assam Draft status Online in the NRCAssam official site.

So guys, if you still haven't check your names on NRC Draft Assam then read this article. We will let you know while NRC Assam Special gets any updates.

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